Words from the Ceo

Welcome and thank you for taking your time to visit Rescapees International Ambassadors website. We hope that this site will give you some insight into the Rescapees story; where we were, how far we have come and where we are going as a not for-profit ministry.  Rescapees would like to revolutionize all Christians ministry with our vision to STRENGTHENING THE LIFE OF THE NEW COMMUNITY.

Because as you do, you will begin to discover that Rescapees.com is more than just surfing, blogging, watching videos or listening to music. We are in fact a multi-culture of people led by Christ Jesus to bring grounds for believing, strength and change to kids, youth, seniors, and families to a better quality of life with God’s love.

What started as a vision through a hard and difficult prayer and discussion club plan in my mother’s small Port-au-Prince, Haiti apartment has grown into a successful movement when other people from different cities and countries turn this movement into a multi-culture ministry that empowers hundreds of people worldwide.

I encourage you to take a few moments to browse our online services to learn more about Rescapees and the great accomplishments that God has allowed us to achieve. As a multi-cultured ministry, we are moving forward and we are dedicated to continue to provide and improve upon the people the services that strengthen growth of the church.

Therefore, may GOD bless you and we thank you for choosing www.rescapees.com!




Richardson Berneus

Founder and President, Rescapees International Ambassadors