Rescapees International Ambassadors

            Mr. Richardson Berneus is the C.E.O. and founder of Rescapees International Ambassadors, a non-denominational ministry started in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. While searching for a new level of righteousness in God, putting him before everything in his life, Mr. Berneus received the vision for Rescapees International Ambassadors (RIA) in 1998 in Port au Prince, Haiti while attending the "Institut Evangelisateurs en Action". Those close to him could not understand the transformation in Mr. Berneus. Sometimes, he would lose track of time when praying and communicating with God. Even his mother did not take him seriously and often mocked him. His curiosity grew into a desire to find out what God intended for him and what he had to do about it in return. His experiences made him realize that the relationship with God is not just about going to church, but also spending time with him everywhere you go. Spending time with God is what allowed Moses to accomplish what he accomplished in history. It is a key factor in growing in God’s Grace.
            Mr. Berneus attends the studies of "Homiletic, Hermeneutic, Good Manners, Sociology and Psychology at the “Institut Evangelisateur en Action" directed by Mr. Odne Fritz, the president. Everything happened because God has planted the desire in his heart. Moreover, his mother has supported him as far as education. Although she was not a true believer, she supported him because she believes in education. He later started a prayer meeting at his mother's house from 6:00-8:00pm, Monday thru Friday, which he called, "Starving for God.” The first week's attendance included only him and empty chairs. God saw his patience and blessed him with four members on the 2nd week, and more people showed up the following weeks and the group grew abundantly. They started to understand through Richardson’s experiences that going to church is not the only way to get involved in the relationship with God.

           The members started to realize that they had talents that they could use to help themselves, their families, their local churches, and their community. Soon enough, they were bringing more people who were lost and needed healing in front of God. In Mr. Berneus’ mind, it became important to have a name for the ministry; but he did not dwell on it because people were getting saved, healed. They had testimonies, learned hymns and composed new songs guided by the Holly Spirit. They started to see the significance of becoming affiliated with God through his son Jesus Christ. Those who had a hand in creating this ministry include Darlyne Guerrier, Roland St-Brice, and Pastor Sadrac P. Louis who showed up the second week. So many people responded positively to the calling of God and up to this point, they are still serving Him unconditionally.

           Three months later, Richardson became very ill and the group dissolved. They felt as if the vision could not be carried or maintained in the absence of Richardson, and they slowly fell apart, confronting issues that are common to a group dynamic without the leader. God had always been with Richardson and eventually granted him recovery. Soon after his recuperation, Mr. Berneus kept with his mission of gathering souls for the Lord. He brought all the newly converted to church for proper formation, learning and most importantly, remaining in the holy path of God.

            God inspired and instructed him to preach the gospel, and to teach the Body of Christ with simplicity and understanding. In September of 2002, Rescapees International Ambassadors held its first prayer and worship service with: Johnny Autilien, Ginette Pierre, Carpentier Jean, Stanley Compere, Simon Pierre, Sherly Otilien, and Dorothy Compere. There were twelve members at Mrs. Annette Pierre's house, which was considered the very first headquarter. As a result, attendance grew rapidly because the ministry took several forms of activities such as: conferences (with Pastor Sony Merelan as the pioneer), Evangelizations with Serge Marcelin, and engaging in public works, and organizing major crusades in the area of Carrefour, specially in the sector of Thor 65 Rue Souchet. The group at the time was bearing the name of the street they were on  "Souchet" Mr. Berneus himself suggested it.

            Mr. Berneus, founder of RIA, specializes in music arrangement, painting, writing etc. He has also been chorographer and director of choral activities. In other words, he is an artist, besides his calling as a pastor. He accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior while he attended a revival, headed by Safico Baptiste church at Carrefour Thor 65 Rue Alta #1 in February 14, 1995. Following his call for the ministry of music in all of its various forms, Richardson established in Haiti the "Rescapees" choir in January 2006, one of the RIA ministries. When Richardson left Haiti for the United States, a majority of them continued to serve in the music ministry and a lot of other areas of service. Some got married and had kids and have lots of testimonies about the faith that they have in Jesus-Christ our Lord and Savior. Richardson did not keep the calling to himself; rather he has passed on his objectives to a team of collaborators. He knew he could not realize the vision on his own. Richardson remembered this saying from Dale Carnegie, “relationships with others emphasizing on the I cannot reach its objective without the you.” Whatever anyone is doing, even though they may specialize in a certain area, they will always need help in the areas that they lack.

            That is the reason why we give a lot of importance to other ministries in the body of Christ. The Birth of Rescapees International Ambassadors has happened because Jesus said, “You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you to go and bear fruit […] fruit that will last. Then the Father will give you whatever you ask in my name.” Often times, we want people to see that we are important. It is to the point that we talk about our works, our results and all the good things happening to us. However, when it comes to paying the price, doing selfless sacrifices for others, we do not do it. We do not want to go through the class that God has put us in. We do not want to learn or get the knowledge that will allow us to grow in wisdom and become what we should be in God. That is the reason why we are supposed to remember and ask ourselves the question, what is it that God wants for my life?

             If we said the path we are on today was easy to reach and we did all of this by ourselves, we would be telling the biggest lie ever, especially when you are working for Jesus. It would mean that we are an organization without knowing God and his son Jesus Christ, our Savior. Therefore, we humble ourselves under the mighty hand of God. One day our Lord Jesus said if you abide in me, I will remain in you, and I will not call you servants but friends, because a servant does not know his master business. We should welcome Jesus Christ as our personal savior and friend. Remember, God is not far away from you. Even if you do not see him, he is not going to let you down. Even though your life might be morally and financially declining, you will remain stronger than before. Do you believe in God? Please say with us "I believe in God and I am going to live to accomplish what He has called me to do." Casting all your cares upon Him, for He cares for you! Be self-controlled and alert, because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. Resist him, and stay steadfast in the faith, knowing that your brothers and sisters in the world experienced the same sufferings. After you have suffered, may the God of all grace, who called us to his eternal glory by Christ Jesus, self restore you and make you strong, firm and steadfast. To Him are the glory and the dominion and power, forever and ever, Amen.






               If we examine a watch very closely, we will realize that it only goes forward. Same thing with life in general, life does not stop. In Isaiah 45:18-19, here is what the Lord declares: “He who created the heavens. He is the God who fashioned and made the earth. He founded it and created it not to be empty, but formed it to be inhabited” -- He says: “I am the Lord, and there is no other. I have not spoken in secret or in the dark. Moreover, I do not recommend the descendants of Jacob, namely the people of Israel, to look for me because there is nothing to be found. I, the Lord, speak frankly; I am announcing it clear and understandable. Everything God promises will happen; God will not let you down.”

               In Jeremiah 31:2, this is what the LORD says: “The people who survive the sword will find favor in the desert. I will come to give rest to Israel, meaning the lost people will receive mercy and grace in the desert, which made them survivors.” According to Lev 25.1-7, the soil should be left at rest (not cultivated) for one year every seven years. This legislation has not been scrupulously respected. Therefore, it is of great importance to consider the book of Ezra as one of the biggest examples of the survivors of Israel. As a reminder, Ezra was an important official at the court of the king of Persia, a theologian and an ardent defender of the Jewish faith.

 Now, we shall state the definition of the word Rescapees. We will discover the meaning of it, its origin, types and its relation to the church.

 The word Rescape in French is a new word and literally means Survivor. Now, lets take a look at its origin and history.

              In the Nineteenth Century, the word Rescape was used to describe someone who escaped from an accident unharmed. If I state “Picard said he escaped from death” then that means Picard is a Survivor. Later, the press in 1906, on the occasion of the disaster of Courrières, accepted the word Rescape into the contemporary language (the word was accepted by the Academy in 1935).

              Indeed, journalists who were in the area of the “Courrières” that day, found a world of new words and terms to describe those who escaped the tragedy. The word has quickly passed into common usage. Also, note that the phonetics of the word survivor is written in the same way in Creole, the language of the Haitian people (reskape). It has derived from the term “escape.”

              I heard a rumor from the Lord, and an ambassador has been sent among the nations: Gather yourselves together and come against him, and get up to the war. According to more than one person may be any day become the physical RENEW the word according to the definitions below ... But considering the side or the spiritual part that relates to the life of the soul, the survivor is called a (Isaiah 45:20). If the world is a survivor simply by luck, for us Christians, a survivor is a Christian who should encourage others by his/her testimony of salvation (1 cor.10, 33) and more than that, he or she is chosen (John 15:16).

Es 45:20 - It was the call of the Jews at that time, in these days what is ours, what we call in modern times. Jn 3:16 - Is our call to all because God is the same yesterday, today and forever. To see that God has showed love for the human race and other creatures. He resolved to give his incomparable love, killing life in Jesus, his only son, so that any man or woman who put their faith in Jesus, fall outside the scope of the unknown and possess eternal life forever. It is clear that God does not want us to be lost in this life of humanism and idolatry. This allows us to embrace a much stronger argument.

Why did God choose us to become his residence? A reminder that God called Israel in Isaiah 45:20, saying, "Gather yourselves, come, and bring together survivors of nations." If we only point on this line to be clearer on the similarity between the two peoples of God, what relationship would we find between Israel and the Church. First, Israel is by definition the people from all those who believe being the descendants of Abraham through faith, District "Israel after the flesh (1 Cor 10:18, Phil 3:3). Now, consider the significance of the Church, the Church comes from the Greek word ekklesia. EK, "out" and Kaleo "Call". For the Hebrews the Church is a designer by the word "qlhll" which meant "Assembly" (Gen. 28:3, 49:6, Ps 26:5).








                It is always important for a person who wants to make something to know what they want to make and for whose benefit. To reach where you are going in life you have to have a vision. For us, who are part of Rescapees International Ambassadors, this is the vision that is attached to the mission God has in entrusted to us.  


                This is the vision that God has entrusted to us. For all that, God desire is that we (the church) succeed not only in our understanding but also mastering the practice of His speech while obeying the mission that was given to us ... To give more strength to the church, to participate in all the phenomena that can ensure the growth of all human beings. Here is our mission: "Winning souls and repatriate the remnant, to strengthen the church today and prepare the bride for her groom.”

 “All I desire is to know Christ and the power of his resurrection, share in his sufferings, becoming like him in his death"(Phil.3, 10).


                          ✓ Evangelism as Jesus did.

                           Serve the church and the world.

                           Training, Education and Economics.

                           Information: the world, religion and prophecy.


1. Evangelism as Jesus did

                - Understand the gospel, the good news of salvation for humanity.

                - Preaching the Gospel in every instance, favorable or not.

                - Do not be intimidated and do not have any shame

                  to announce the good news.       

                - Living in accordance with the Gospel.

                - Telling the story of Jesus and the salvation through faith in Jesus.

                - Wear the jealousy of God for the human soul.

                - Abolishing slavery of sin by the belief of the testimony of salvation.

2. Serve the church and the world

                 - The blue gold for all and to keep the purity of nature.

                 - Visit the sick.

                 - Clinics, Hospitals and Pharmacy Section.

                 - School and Food Section.

                 - Library for all.

                 - Comfort the afflicted.

                  - Intercession for all levels.

                 - Music and Songs.

 3. Education, Training, Economy and Investment, Information of life

           a) Education

                   - Etiquette (good manners).

                   - School of the Bible.

                   - The child and its development with God.

                   - Youth and strength.

                   - The adult and know (church / world).

                   - Orientation merit (vocational / professional).


          b) Training

                   - Understand the body of Jesus Christ.

                    - The necessity of cell groups.

                    - Discipleship.

                    - Discover the gifts of God.

                    - Preparing leaders.

                    - Understanding the human race.

                    - Marriage and celibacy.


          c) Economy and Investment

                     - Programs T.V. and Radio Broadcast.

                     - Remembrance Entertainments.

                     - Supports Orphanage care to the indigent poor.

                     - Investing for eternity.


          d) Information of life

                    - World: People, Health, Pollution, Its end.

                     - Religion: Paganism, Judaism and Christianity.

                     - Prophecy: From creation, to the cross of Jesus Christ

                       and to the end of the world.








1 - Concerning the existence of god we believe that God exists and this one and true, which is none other than Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob [...] You deut.6 4. God reveals his own person as the quote: “I am the almighty God and the incomparable [...] we have no doubts about the concept of trinity; which is and remains a truth. One of the best definitions of trinity, is that of Warfield: “There is only one true God, but the unity of the God head consists of three co-equal and co-eternal persons, the same substance but distinct in existence. In the book of Matthew chapter 28 and verse 19 says the unity of God in three persons ... other passages as Matthew 3:16-17 and 2 Corinthians 13:13 also combine the three people but do not stress their unity in a way as strong as Matthew 28:19. (a b c Christian theology / Charles C. Ryrie)


2 - Regarding The Bible firmly and we are assured that the bible is the revelation of the word of God written by men inspired and choose by God. Not only do we believe the truths of The Bible, but both the verbal inspiration, plenary, infallible and inerrant in it. This holy book, the word of God is living dedicate to the world for their good work and living on the earth to take care of their body and soul; not to mention that of the earth. Therefore, emphasis added five verses in the affirmation of God. Holy writings compile a large library, which is none other than The Bible. Here are the verses; 2tim.3: 16: All scripture is inspired by god and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for instruct in justice. 1tim.5: 18: For the scripture says: thou shalt not muzzle the ox when he treads the grain, and the laborer deserves his wages. In 2pier.3: 16: this is what Paul did in all the letters, where he talks about these things, in which there are some things hard to understand, which are unlearned and unstable wrest, as the other scriptures, unto their own destruction. 2pier.1: 21: for not by will of man prophecy has never been made, but it shoots through the Holy Spirit that men spoke from god. Finally in 1cor.2: 13: and we speak, not in words taught by human wisdom but taught by the spirit, a spiritual language for spiritual things.


3 - Regarding the family, God’s commands to be fruitful and multiply which still some married couples believe in. We believe that god ordained distinct gender roles for men and women as part of the created order. We do not like and accept divorce. A wife and mother should help her husband. A husband and father are the head of household, a family leader, provider and protector. As Christian parents, it is an obligation for us to provide their children with a thoroughly Christian education; one that teaches The Bible and a biblical view of God and the world. Both sons and daughters are under the command of their parents as long as they are under their roof or otherwise the recipients of their provision and protection.


4 - Regarding the church, other times we were in darkness. Now, we are sailing and light of this world. We become children of God. However, if we are children we are also heirs: heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ. The world, it is those who live on earth but dying compared to their relationship with God through his son Jesus Christ, the only savior of the world. We also believe that any persons who do not have the bucket of the Holy Spirit in their lives by means of conversion to Jesus Christ the Lord will go after the ruling of God in the fire of Gehenna forever. Our mission is to tell the world to deliver them gifts and persecutions that accompanied the salvation given by Jesus.


Our Purpose:  It is our duty in RIA to remind us of our Godly nature, our purpose and our destination. Armed with such knowledge, our communities will be reinforced and strengthened to service better their immediate families, their churches, their peripheral communities, but most importantly, to service themselves for their self-fulfillment in Christ. Therefore, we emphasize on formation, education and information based on the word of God to better your Christian lifestyle. The way we evangelize along with other services that we provide will ultimately help you discover your strengths in order to better manage yourself guided by the Holly Spirit. Not only you will be a better follower but also a better leader.


Our Programs:  Here in RIA, we try to gather as many people as possible. Some of our methods include some of the trends that are appealing to our lifestyle such as, entertainment (music, poems, songs, films, broadcast media…etc.). On the same thinking, we support other Christian ministries by plenty other means necessary such as providing training    for new leaders.


Our Commitment:  We represent the kingdom of God cohabited by two blessed people, Israel and the Church. We strive to respect the word of God as an organization that is part of the body of Christ. We will be transparent with your donations, as we will use them wisely for the sole purpose of serving our Christian communities. We sincerely support the goals of fellows HaitiGospel.com, REMEH Foundation, Gospel Vision Haiti Ministries, and Stepping Stone Haiti, and all other ministries in the body of Christ. We promise to continue to support the body of Christ who is the Church by all the necessary means to prepare the landing pad for the return of our Lord Jesus Christ.